Pedagogy Basics Course 2022

Intended to run side-by-side with the main course, this mini course of 4 hour-long sessions is suitable for those who are contemplating piano teaching or who have already started on their teaching career.  Experienced teachers will also find these sessions a very valuable opportunity for productive exchange of ideas with early-career teachers and Faculty.

Delivered by Andrew Eales and David Jones, this course will refer to “A Common Approach”, a holistic vocal and instrumental curriculum which recently celebrated its 20th Anniversary by being re-issued as a totally online resource:   

Successful completion of the course means that participants will have reviewed a range of strategies which promote effective practice and performance techniques and will be able to apply these innovatively to learners at all ranges and abilities.  You will also have developed increased understanding of the contemporary world of piano teaching as professional and transformative, and devised strategies to succeed within it.