JAMES NESTOR Breath Retreat - Power Weekend
Date: 24th October 2024 18:00 - 27th October 2024 13:00
Location: The Princess Hall, Cheltenham Ladies' College

What can breathing do for you?

Join James Nestor, Breath Crüe, and an international group of fellow pulmonauts in the famed Regency town of Cheltenham, England as we explore the art and science of breath.

For thousands of years ancient cultures used breathing as a medicine to help heal the body and calm the mind. Modern science has more recently shown that harnessing our breath can measurably reduce stress, blood pressure, anxiety, depression, snoring, chronic headaches, and even asthma and some autoimmune diseases.

In this immersive four-day power weekend retreat, we’ll explore a new breathing practice each day, from relaxing and restorative techniques to more highly-energizing breathwork methods that heat the body up, lull it into a heightened immune response, and shift states of consciousness. 

Breath Retreat Power Weekend includes more than 16 hours of instruction along with personalized assessments and training; alignment and biomechanics; as well as connecting and respirating with extraordinary humans.

At the close this retreat, each guest will leave with a toolbox of breathing practices to improve mental and physical state, anytime and anywhere, for years to come. 

Ticketing information

Tickets available via the James Nestor Website

From £650 (in advance only)