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There's nothing better than hearing a review from someone who has attended. Hear from our past attendees:

Our course content
TTP is the only course I would consider worthy enough to use a full weeks leave for from a busy job. The reason is mainly that you come out as a totally enriched person and pianist, with mental and emotional recharging going on every minute of the week as well as making friends for life. Not only is the vision of the course amazing, it is the execution of bringing those staff together that materialise the vision for each person attending in a unique and totally tangible way!!! Just beyond words…
I really enjoyed the whole course and have come away with knowing how to improve many aspects of my piano playing, particularly technique and interpretation.
I really enjoyed the whole course as a springboard to getting me playing again and meeting other pianists.... The food was great... I enjoyed the holistic ethos... I enjoyed the chance to do duets and also to play to each other. I enjoyed the enthusiasm, fun and laughter that all of the tutors generated. Many thanks to the whole team that were involved. It was a joy to be there.
A fantastic, full on week, with like minded individuals.
Thoroughly enjoyed the week and heard some really thought provoking talks. I felt I had time to reflect on new ideas and also have taken away many ideas to incorporate within my own playing and teaching. I met some kindred spirits and heard wonderful music all week.
Both the content of the course and the way it was delivered were outstanding. One of the best educational experiences I have ever had.
I was terrified of coming as I thought I wouldn't be good enough. I'm so glad I found some courage to attend and to take part in the improv and the small group performance. The whole experience has re-framed my thinking about the piano, and given me some confidence and appreciation of where I've got to. Even though I know I have a long way to go to become the pianist I'd like to be, I feel better about the journey I'm on. It's been inspirational.
I loved the opportunity to be immersed in music for a week. I thoroughly enjoyed the talks and the well being sessions as well as the many opportunities to listen to people play.
I had such a good week on the Thinking Pianist course and it exceeded my expectations. The friendly collaborative atmosphere amongst staff and students of many different levels and abilities was brilliant. The mixture of brain work in the talks and lessons, as well as during my private practice was nicely balanced with well being sessions and even an opportunity for a hill walk. I felt I made many friends and came away feeling musically inspired and surprisingly refreshed despite the hard work.
I've been on four other piano courses and this was by far the best.
Our holistic approach
I feel that I have come away from the week feeling that my batteries have been topped up! I have plenty of inspiring ideas and thoughts about how to continue developing my playing and also a real sense of well being.
The variety and balance of activities, great teaching and performances, delicious food, lovely setting and good company all worked well together. Having a dedicated practice piano is lovely. A very inspiring and enjoyable course with a lovely group of people. The yoga, tai chi, Alexander technique and walking certainly helped me to leave feeling more relaxed then when I arrived. It was a real treat to hear and to be taught by such wonderful pianists!
I thoroughly enjoyed the week. I have come away feeling inspired, and even keener to become a better player.
Another fabulous year. I feel lighter, more thoughtful, and have many ideas and suggestions to explore and develop over the next year. Thank you
This is an outstanding course. What differentiates it from other courses and makes it so appealing is that it takes the wellbeing of its students extremely seriously. The quality of the teaching was extraordinarily high but no-one had any airs and graces: everyone was approachable, friendly, and generous. I learnt an enormous amount and can't wait to come again!
I enjoyed the yoga, Tai-Chi and Alexander classes and found them a great way to explore the balance and flow which we often talked about in relation to playing music.
I enjoyed everything about it! I particularly found that having daily yoga or Tai Chi ,together with the Alexander sessions helped me to feel mentally and physically more balanced and complemented all the musical sessions so well. I also appreciated how much care was given by both the music faculty and the well being team, who really went out of their way to created a warm and inclusive atmosphere. I thoroughly enjoyed the course - I didn't know anyone when I arrived, but everyone was friendly and supportive of each other and soon felt like old friends
My expectations were far exceeded. I received a holistic and caring break which not only has motivated me to practice, but taught me how to practice, how to teach with more passion, and given me many pieces to be excited about playing.
Our experienced faculty
All the lectures, masterclasses and concerts given by the staff were first class and I felt very privileged to be able to spend time with such committed and passionate performers.
I enjoyed the opportunity to learn from all faculty members as well as other learners - the informal interactions as well as the scheduled sessions. The balance of activities felt right to me... A musical reload and a real combination of restoration and inspiration!
The chance to have one to one teaching sessions was fabulous. I hadn't had a lesson in 30 years and it was very special to have one to one time.
I liked the non-judgemental approach and the feeling that each participant’s contribution was valued. The faculty members were outstanding and gave their all - which I greatly appreciated. I achieved my objectives which were to use this week to jumpstart my return to piano.
The combination of the piano instructors’ areas of expertise and interest — as experienced over the course of the week — was fantastic, and quite special. They were all very complementary to each other and also reinforced the learning for us.
There aren't enough stars available to express my feelings about the staff, who were all outstandingly talented, warm and generous with everyone throughout the week.
I found the staff to be incredibly gifted musicians who were extremely generous with their time and their input.
Our exceptional facilities
Exceptionally large number of pianos of high quality in a delightful setting. Piano Teaching was excellent, and uniformly helpful and expert. Food was excellent and plentiful. 24/7 coffees are also convening. Ample performance opportunities. Excellent practice facilities that are available at all hours. Best such course I've gone to.
This [rooms and facilities] was all excellent and a very comfortable venue. Beautiful pianos. The food was delicious through the whole week. There was always a vegetarian alternative to main meals.
A fabulous course with amazing staff, facilities and accommodation. So many opportunities to do so many things... Loved having access to the health centre. Thank you for that.
An enjoyable, friendly and relaxed course that, as the title suggested, was about more than just playing the piano. I definitely hope to go again next year. A piano per person is a huge plus for the course... - major plus point!
Enjoyed everything. We have to give the food an especial gold star though!
The main College is stunningly beautiful and the rooms were fantastic. It was great to be allocated a dedicated practice room too.
Our wonderful TTP community
It’s great to be with like-minded people and be able to immerse ourselves in piano music for a week. It’s also wonderful to have established friendships with others on the course. I thoroughly enjoyed the Course again this year and want to return next year.
A really well conceived course, with lots of interesting, differentiated and substantive content. I learned a lot. I left feeling equipped with more tools to become a better pianist, enlivened by a community of new "piano friends", and enriched with a week's worth of wonderful experiences and memories. Thank you for organising such a wonderful week.
Spectacular. To experience TTP is to experience a magical week where you’re a part of a warm and non-judgemental community of pianists and piano enthusiasts, combined with exceedingly high levels of piano instruction.
Everyone who came on the course shared an abiding love of the piano, and many faced their fears to perform in public, which I found very moving and inspirational. The course has given me more confidence to do the same on returning home.

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