5 Reasons Why Team Building Is Essential Now More Than Ever

The pandemic has affected all of us and the way we work together. How we come together as a team, how we communicate, and for those coming back to work after furlough, it may feel like restarting a job completely.

This Autumn/Winter sees us potentially saying goodbye to home offices, whether that be part time, or full time. Now employees across the globe are slowly returning back to work it is important to evaluate how being apart has altered our routines.

If you’re questioning whether this is the right time to start planning a team away day, take a look at why we believe team building is more essential now than it ever has been before.

1. Team building encourages communication

Team building activities allow for and encourage an open dialogue amongst employees and employers. Not just big conversations, but also the smaller more intimate conversations that we’ve missed by working from home.

For some of us, returning to work may be causing anxious thoughts and stress, especially if returning to work after months on furlough with little communication regarding work issues. By coming together as a collective whole, staff will have the ability to find out what they have missed whilst being away from the office and ask any questions they have to resolve these anxieties.  

2. Team building boosts teamwork

Team building is a great way to get everyone back on the same page and kick start working together again after some time apart. After quite some time of working in solitary conditions - where human contact has been virtual and working remotely has become the new norm, it may be that some people have found comfort in working alone. Although having the skills to work well independently is a great trait to have, it is also key that staff feel confident and happy working in a group environment. By encouraging your department to take part in shared activities, teamwork skills naturally develop through open communication and the sharing of ideas.

3. Team building enhances employee engagement

Bringing everyone together whether that be physically, online, or in a hybrid format, can make everyone feel part of a solid team. When we encourage teams and teamwork, we are also simultaneously encouraging engagement with one another and the business. Experiencing something new together will spark interests and create a positive atmosphere, reflecting healthily in employee engagement. 

Don’t forget that people like to have fun - and if that means stepping away from work for a few hours, then we don’t see why not!

4. Team building builds trust

Working together on a shared task will help to build trust with one another. Perhaps your employees have had little communication between each other and with other departments over lockdown. Or perhaps some staff have been furloughed for a while and feel out of the loop. The more time people spend working together on a project, naturally, the more trust is built. This is key to building up those strong working relationships that are so essential to the strong running of your organisation.

5. Team building makes employees feel valued

Particularly important to those who have been through the furlough scheme throughout the pandemic, but equally important to those who have worked to cover other roles over lockdown. It is key to staff wellbeing to feel recognised and rewarded by receiving a mental break from work. A trip out of the office to take part in a joint activity should do the trick!

Here at CLC Venues & Events, we have a range of large to small scale spaces which may be perfect for your next team away day. Whether you’re running a meeting for 6, looking for a hybrid event studio, or just a quiet 1-1 space, our Event Co-ordinators would be happy to talk with you and help you discover the most suitable space for your event.