5 Virtual Team Building Activities to Try in Lockdown

As businesses around the world are continuing to work in their teams from different locations, virtual events have correspondingly grown in popularity. But if you’re getting bored of the classic go-to work quiz on Zoom, check out some of these other ideas to get your team back on the same page and in high spirits. (Whilst you’re waiting for our team building packages of course!!!)


10 Things About You

The first of my suggestions is perhaps the most simple of the bunch, but also one of the most effective for letting the guards down and creating a great atmosphere! Plus, this is an easy way to find similarities you might share with your team members. When you’re not in the office, it’s the little conversations that you’re missing out on, hearing about each other’s weekends or some funny stories! So why not include these as part of your list? As well as other favourite hobbies, foods, films and so on.


Group Yoga

Some of you may not possess the balancing skills that others do – but that’s the amusing part! Why not wind down after a long week by taking part in a group exercise class? You can find plenty of free online classes during lockdown.


Live Stream Events Together

There are some fantastic virtual events running which are perfect for you and your team to enjoy together from the comfort of your own home. Find a common interest, or try something new together! Some great events to keep an eye out for are;

Cheltenham International Film Festival 2020 – click here.

Cheltenham Science Festival 2020n– click here.

Watch Fleabag from the West End, in support of the NHS and a number of COVID-19 charities – click here.

Check out What’s On from Eventbrite – click here.


Virtual Book Club

Thousands of book lovers across the country are having more time to focus on reading again. Why not make the most of this by creating a book club within your office? Come together each month virtually to discuss key points of your chosen book, and discuss opinions. Each month a new member can decide what book you read, whether that be a childhood classic or a bestselling novel.


Arts and Crafts Day

Test out your creative side using whatever household items you have to hand! Whether that be attempting to decoupage some eggs from the fridge, painting a common household object, or completing an online drawing class. You can make this into a competition within your team or purely a form of relaxation. And if you’re not great at arty activities, you can always laugh at your creations!


Our team can’t wait to welcome you back into our beautiful venues for your next team away day, but until then, we hope these activities keep you busy!