Behind-the-Scenes with Hannah

Are you as nosy as us and love finding out about the teams behind a venue? We asked our Commercial Assistant Manager, Hannah, five questions to find out her thoughts on lockdown and working from home this year...

Favourite thing about working from home?

I'm going to be greedy and chose two - getting to work in jogging bottoms and hoodies (unless dressing up for a video call!) and being with my cats all day.

Most exciting virtual event you attended during lockdown?

At the very beginning of the pandemic, Bristol-based digital marketing company, Noisy Little Monkey were one of the first to dive into virtual events with their Friday afternoon 'Digital Guzzle'. Combining fantastic ice breakers (who could forget 'Slip-pairs' a game where attendees had to match types of footwear worn by other attendees) breakout chatter and end of week drinking. This developed into a topical and engaging series of webinars called 'Business as Unusual' and recently they delivered their successful in-person event, Digital Guzzle entirely online. It has been great to see how a responsive company can adapt and produce online events for each stage of the pandemic. To watch my interview with their Events Manager, Claire Dibben, click here

Best online or hybrid platform you used as an attendee?

Whilst as an event planner, you should always choose your event platform to suit your event, but as an attendee I have enjoyed using the Swapcard software. It allows you to select which sessions you wish to attend and arranges these in the 'My Event' section. If you're going back in to watch recordings afterwards, you can remove those watched from your list, so no scrolling through the whole programme trying to remember what you've missed and still want to watch

Event you have missed the most this year?

Whilst I am a real theatre-lover, and have missed the chance to watch live shows, companies such as The Barn Theatre and Giffords Circus have worked really hard to produce adapted performances and satisfy my craving. So I'd say the event I've missed most and haven't experienced in any form this year, is a good old wedding or birthday bash! You can't beat letting your hair down and having a good boogie with friends and family.

Top tip for working from home and/or lockdown life?

Get out and get some fresh air every day! This is particularly important as the days get shorter and sunlight is in shorter supply. Feeling daylight on your skin and fresh air in your lungs not only gives you a boost of Vitamin D, but a quick walk gets the blood flowing, making you more motivated when back at your desk and helping to support your mental health. Get up early to get out before your working day, make use of your lunchbreak, or ask your boss if you can work flexible hours to make the most of the daylight.


We are really looking forward to running events again here at CLC Venues & Events post-lockdown. Get in touch with us to get your next event in the diary: