Behind-the-Scenes with Kallie

This week, we went behind-the-scenes at CLC Venues & Events and asked Commercial Events Coordinator, Kallie, about her top tips for working from home and lockdown life…

Favourite thing about working from home?

The commute. I’m not a morning-person so having an extra 30 minutes in the morning is a luxury. Plus, I use the time I would spend driving home to read an extra chapter of my book or listen to a podcast.

Most exciting virtual event you attended during lockdown?

I attended Hay Festival’s Winter Weekend (26 – 29 November 2020). I really enjoyed being able to hear (and see!) authors talking about their latest books and add a few to my Christmas wish list. While nothing matches being in the same room as inspirational speakers, it was rather good watching in my pyjamas. Plus, submitting questions via the website rather than waving your hands in the air was a bonus. As they were free events, I watched a few interviews that I wouldn’t have normally picked due to budget and time constraints, which meant I heard from some new voices.  

Best online or hybrid platform you used as an attendee?

Although not particularly new, I’ve enjoyed using Instagram and Facebook a lot more this year to learn about businesses or individuals. Lucy & Yak did a series of free yoga classes, Q&As and workshops on IGTV – a brilliant marketing tool which kept me engaged and more likely to buy another pair of their dungarees. Equally, Penguin Live developed a series of video interviews and Q&As on Facebook so I was able to schedule an event into my lunch break.

Event you have missed the most this year?

I’ve definitely missed live theatre events. Most years, I would have got tickets to a West End show and spent the day exploring London. I’d normally also fit in a comedy gig and trip to watch the ballet but this year my diary has looked a little empty. It is heart-breaking to see the arts suffering as a result of the pandemic, but here’s to hoping that magical atmosphere of live theatre returns soon.

Top tip for working from home and/or lockdown life?

If you can, find a separate desk or room to work in and make that your ‘work space’. Treat it as you would your desk at work: try not to eat meals there, tidy it up at the end of the day and only use it within working hours. If your dining table doubles as a desk, have a ‘work chair’ and ‘dining chair’. For me, it’s about creating muscle memory for when I’m in ‘work mode’.

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