Why now is the best time to book your corporate event

Corporate event planning hasn’t exactly been smooth over the past two years, with new variants, repeated lockdowns and ever-changing restrictions. But now’s the right time to get back into the swing of it and plan that conference, meeting or exhibition.


Here’s why:

  • People are ready for face-to-face interaction

The past year has seen us all adapt our meetings and conferences to online or hybrid formats, but nothing compares to that unique experience of attending an event in person. Authentic networking, fortuitous chance encounters and retaining your delegates attention are all bonuses we miss when staring at a screen.


  • Venue staff are ready to go

Many venues were only able to stay afloat by making good use of the furlough scheme. Sadly this meant it was difficult to get in touch with your coordinators and event managers. Thankfully staff are all back at work, retrained and ready to go, so the booking process should be a breeze.


  • Choose a summer date

By starting to plan your event now you can set a summer date, which opens up further possibilities for a special experience. Drinks reception on the terrace, lunchbreak on the lawn, and your daytime programme finishing in daylight all add to the enjoyment and comfort of your guests.


  • Summer is the covid-friendly season

Summer also comes with the bonus of being more ‘covid-friendly’. With cases lower than the winter months, ventilation easier and outdoor space allowing for better social distancing, audience safety is highest during these months. Plus this summer we’re unlikely to see the constant changes in restrictions that plagued all event planners last year.


  • Beat the price hikes

The events and hospitality industry is about to be hit from all sides with price increases in food, utilities and transport. Not to mention the National Living Wage increase in April. Get your event booked in now to beat the inevitable increase in the near future!


What in-person event are you planning? We’d love to hear your plans and desires! Drop us an email to venuesandevents@cheltladiescollege.org