Choosing the correct room layout

One of the most important factors to staging a successful event is to ensure that your chosen room layout suits the style of your event. This will not only ensure your delegates have a comfortable experience but that you are also maximizing the potential of your event space. Here's a run-down of some of the most common room layouts for your event.

Theatre Style

This is the standard style for presenting to large numbers of delegates and allows you to get the maximum number of people into your event space. Theatre style is perfect for presentations, displays and product launches.

Classroom Style

Classroom style is used to present to smaller numbers of delegates and allows everyone present to have their own workspace. It’s ideal for sessions where people will need to make lots of notes, such as tests or training.

Boardroom Style

This is the classic layout for small to medium sized meetings and discussions, and also works well when there will be one or two people speaking who do not need to use a screen.

U-Shaped Style

The U-shape style is where there is a table on 3 sides of the room with delegates sitting on the outside edge. This is a great style for presentations where there will also need to be debate and discussion among all the delegates.

Cabaret Style

Cabaret style separates your delegates into smaller groups. This is useful for when work will be done in groups and, if there is a need for a presentation to take place, delegates can be arranged to sit on one side of the table facing forwards.

Banquet / Dinner Style

Banquet style seats people in smaller groups where dinner will be served. Generally used for evening or relaxed entertainment, it is the perfect style to encourage conversation over some great food and drinks.

At Cheltenham Ladies’ College, we have an array of flexible event venues which can be used for a variety of events.  Give our events team a call (01242 707484) or visit our website ( for further information.