Fictional Events to Bring to Life in 2021

I don’t know about you but I am missing the small but special moments about events; chatting about the show with fellow theatre-goers in the interval queue for the bathroom, sharing a room with inspirational speakers and hearing the laughs from the wedding speeches in-person rather than through a dodgy internet connection.

We are escaping to the fictional world to remember what makes an event memorable, successful and enjoyable, drawing inspiration from fantastical events that have captured our imagination on page and screen…

Yule Ball – Harry Potter

Although it’s been 15 years since Hermione shunned her school uniform for THAT DRESS in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, we are still waiting for our invite to the Yule Ball (and Hogwarts for that matter). The festive (albeit magical) decorations, live music from wizarding band The Weird Sisters, plenty of dancing and a feast with goulash and stew – what a night! It is often remarked that our Princess Hall is like something from Hogwarts with its stunning Gothic pitch-pine woodwork and stained-glass windows – the perfect place for our own Yule Ball.

Jay Gatsby’s Parties – The Great Gatsby

Get ready to party like it is 1920! Jay Gatsby’s parties were known for being bigger and better than everyone else’s in West Egg. Why not recreate the glitz and glamour in Cheltenham? We are imagining lots of feathers and sequins, towers of party food and champagne – plus a classic yellow car to take the guests home. What about adding live jazz musicians, flapper dancing and a DJ into the itinerary too, to match the performance of Gatsby’s famous events?

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

It has been 150 years since Lewis Carroll penned Alice in Wonderland, yet the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party remains a staple event in our childhood imaginations with an extraordinary amount of tea, cake and never-ending nonsensical conversation. Disney and Tim Burton’s adaptations have certainly cemented fabulously fun colours, characters and food to this adventurous afternoon tea. Event planners take note – no need for a seating plan as this tea party involves musical chairs - but prepare for a lot of cleaning up after!

Shrek & Fiona’s Wedding

An eclectic cast of characters await as inspiration from this modern fairy-tale wedding. While you might not want to adorn an outfit of green, we are requesting The Monkees on repeat from a live band. Plus, we are imagining plenty of Gingerbread Men favours, a photo booth with fairy-tale fancy dress options and fantastical green decorations. And why not throw in a few donkey-rides, a magnificent feast fit for a Princess and a dance-off ready for your ‘happy ever after’?!

Grease Drive-In Cinema

With social distancing in tow, cinema-goers had to be imaginative with how they got their fix of the big screen this year. And for the ultimate drive-in cinema experience, you need look no further than Grease. With an abundance of classic cars, 1950’s fancy dress and a reminder that ‘you can’t walk out of a drive-in’, we love the idea of recreating this brilliant movie-moment.

Which fictional events do you wish you could attend or recreate? We’ve put together some ideas on our Pinterest board to inspire you. Whether you are planning the next Mad Hatter’s Tea Party or one of Great Gatsby’s Parties, CLC Venues & Events have an array of beautiful spaces available to bring your dream event to life.