First impressions of CLC Venues

Before I get into my first impressions of working at CLC, nice to meet you. My name is Ellie and I’ve recently joined the CLC Venues & Events team here at Cheltenham Ladies’ College. I graduated from University in June this year, finding myself suddenly thrown into the working world. Working in events is a dream job for many people – including myself, and believe me when I say – I am living the dream!

The top highlight of my job as an Events Coordinator has to be the ‘WOW – factor’ that Cheltenham Ladies’ College holds as a venue. From the first moment I stepped onto college grounds and stood on the Middle Quad taking in the buildings around me I couldn’t believe the vast amounts of history and culture I was surrounded by. How many people can say that they work in a school that has been in its current location since 1873?  WOW moment number two was attending my first wedding as an Events Coordinator. Seeing the hard work that went into the Wedding by my colleagues made witnessing the outcome even more special – how can I ever step away from being a part of moments like this! 

Contributing to special moments and events in people’s lives is an amazing feeling. Events bring people together and being a personable individual, this is a great atmosphere to work in. Meeting new people who have a vision and contagious enthusiasm for their event is a wonderful part of my job. If you enjoy being a host, holding gatherings and meeting new people, you will understand this buzz. No event is the same, every event is unique. And perhaps the most refreshing and exciting part of the job is that it is never repetitive.

The diversity of the venues here at the Ladies’ College is an uplifting element to my job, where I can go from one day focused on the Princess Hall which was built in 1897, to the next day in the Parabola Arts Centre which was built in 2009. The gothic style of the Princess Hall with the elaborate frieze over the stage is a great contrast to the minimalist contemporary detail of the Parabola Arts Centre – and I love how energising it is to work with two completely different venues. Every time I walk into the Princess Hall, I am in absolute awe. I still have the same reactions to the clients that are seeing the space for the first time, and I don’t believe that feeling will ever go away.

One month in and I feel so welcomed. Lucky for me I’m surrounded by supportive individuals who have put up with all my constant questioning. More importantly I am able to work with a team of people who share a passion in what we do, working in a positive environment that truly reflects how much everyone enjoys their professions. Believe me, like with any job there are the usual admin tasks that must be done too (but in my new employee dream job haze, I even get excited about these). At the end of the day, every event has a deadline and even then, there are always last minute changes or problems. One key lesson I’ve learnt is that there is always a solution to every tricky situation. The team here don’t focus on the ‘what could go wrong’ questions but instead on ‘what we can do to make this go right’.

That sums up my first impressions of Cheltenham Ladies’ College Venues and Events. As you have read, every day brings something new. My knowledge is put to the test, but I love the non-stop exhilarating atmosphere. One month down and still smiling!