Highlighting Hybrid

Looking to learn more about hybrid events? We’re here to help! We’ve compiled a list of our favourite blogs and webinars which are all about the world of hybrid events. Don’t forget that information and creative discussion surrounding hybrid events is constantly evolving, so make sure to continue to read and learn as new information is released.



Sit back with a nice hot cup of tea and sink your teeth into these fantastic blogs written by Julius Solaris at EventManagerBlog.com. With his fresh understanding into the world of hybrid, these pieces make for insightful reads.

Blog Post: Questioning whether the future of events is really hybrid.

Blog Post: The Future of Events is Definitely Hybrid: What Will They Look Like?

Available to download: The Virtual Event Tech Guide 2020



If you’re not a fan of reading, why not try watching instead? These on demand recordings of webinars are a great way to keep up with discussions about hybrid events. Take a look at our suggestions;

Will Hybrid Remain a Viable Format After COVID-19? – By Brightelm.

Best Practices for Hybrid Events - By Northstar Meetings Group


Hybrid News

Conference News article – Seizing The Digital Age: please click here to read.

Conference News article – Digital Event Awards: please click here to read. 


Craving more information? Take a look at our Instagram - @clcvenues. We’ve been posting interviews, blogs, and Instagram reels to celebrate our very own ‘Hybrid Week’ on social media! If your brains now buzzing with creative ideas on how you can run a hybrid event, we would love to hear all about your exciting event planning! Reach out to us via our contact page on our website, or via venuesandevents@cheltladiescollege.org, and one of our Event Co-ordinators will get back to you on how we can create your event in our venues.