How To Run An Event With As Little Stress As Possible

Sometimes it can be overwhelming when planning an event, there are so many details that must be carefully thought through. Almost everyone knows the feeling where things can seem to get on top of us. Here at CLC Venues and Events, we have some top tips to help avoid this feeling - and these tips are part of the reason why we love our jobs so much!

So if you're looking for a little bit of help, you've come to the right place! Keep reading to find out some top tips on how to run an event with as little stress as possible...


Create a timeline of events:

On the day of the event you’ll need to have an exact plan of who needs to be where, when they need to be there and what’s happening in that place. A detailed timeline of the schedule throughout the day will make you and your staff feel much more organised and confident in jobs to be done and who to turn to if problems arise. This simple task is seamless and fool proof, it doesn’t need to be the most extravagant plan anyone has ever seen, it only needs to highlight the key timings and tasks of the day. This can even be done on a spreadsheet which is sent to all staff involved prior to the day of the event (giving everyone time to read and prepare).


Give yourself time on arrival:

Give yourself a good amount of time to set up for your event, the longer you have, the less rushed and stressful the set up will be. You should be the most calm and collected person in the room by the time your client/guests arrive for the event – so give yourself this time to prepare. If you are hiring a venue, arrange a time with the venue to come in and set up before your guests come in. You’ll often need more time than you often think and the more components to your event, the more time you’ll need to set up.


The Devil’s in the detail:

It’s often the small details that cause the largest kerfuffle on the day of the event. Where to put coats? Where are the toilets? Where should we park? … You can prepare to avoid these questions way in advance. Clear signs and instructions put out in the venue can make the world of difference to guests arriving at the venue – with no worry about where to go to park, or where to put their coats this will make their experience run a lot more smoothly. Ask your CLC Event Coordinator to reserve parking, and we will do all the rest.

Technology related issues are another key culprit of problems that could be avoided. I know most of us have attended events where something has broken, shortly followed by “...we seem to be having technical difficulties”. A simple step to combat this problem is to spend a few minutes before the event testing ALL technical equipment that you will be using. Here at CLC Venues & Events we have Duty Technicians available to make sure these problems do not happen and that all of your technical specifications run to plan.



Even if it feels like you have everything under wraps and are completely aware of every step of the day – your staff, clients and suppliers may not be. The importance of Micro-Meetings throughout the planning process is imperative to the smooth running of your event. Communicating along the way will ensure that everyone feels prepared. Ask everyone involved to express their confusions, challenges and concerns they might be facing, that way you can come up with solutions prior to the event.


Break down the event into small and manageable tasks:

Imagine all the small tasks you need to do to make your event happen – now write them down. Having all of this information buzzing around in your head is bound to make you feel overwhelmed, all of the decisions and small questions... once written down you can empty these thoughts and logically allocate jobs. One of the biggest mistakes to make is to be a fantastic multi-tasker. Less is done and less is done to a high standard. Taking tasks one at a time allows them to be completed to a higher standard and more efficiently, plus, the satisfaction of ticking these tasks off a list is a guaranteed stress reducer.


Planning vs. Panicking:

No matter how much time planning has been put in and the number of back up plans made, something will almost always crop up that you haven’t prepared for. I’m guessing you already know this, and part of you is driving yourself crazy with it. The solution? Accept it – accept that everything may not go as planned! This is hard to do when you really want to be in control of every tiny detail of the event, but the best event professionals are able to accept small problems, solve them calmly and move on. If it comes to facing a problem during the actual event, stay calm and tranquil, try to understand what you could do differently in the future, take a deep breath and tell yourself well done for everything that you did prepare for.


Have fun:

Simple and perhaps cliché, but a great tip is to just have fun. If you’re smiling, networking and being friendly with everyone at the event, it makes it easier to stay relaxed and really enjoy the highlight of your job. This is the moment that you have worked towards! Equally as important, the guests attending will catch hold of your positivity & feel welcome and relaxed.


I hope that after reading this you now feel able to deal with the pressures of your event by breaking down your event planning into manageable chunks. Go outside, have a pause and come back in excited to begin the planning process again.

When using CLC venues, a dedicated and friendly Event Coordinator will guide you through the planning process. On the event day, a committed Duty Manager will ensure your event runs efficiently and to plan, dealing with any last minute questions you may have. Meaning you shouldn’t have to use the steps above!