Planning a Wedding? 10 Things You Might Have Forgotten...

You have sent out the invites, booked the caterers and designed the décor on Pinterest. But do you have that horrid feeling that you have forgotten something?

Even the best of planners will have something that pops up unexpectedly on the day. Here are 10 things you might not have considered that could catch you unaware.

Setting up your venue

When can you access your venue to lay out the favours, get the decorations up and set up the cake? Some venues may offer access the day before, otherwise you may have to nominate members of the wedding party to pop in on the morning. Have a chat with your venue and see what they can prepare in advance - can they produce a room plan of your set up, so you are both working from the same page?

Paying suppliers

Nowadays, most suppliers expect a bank transfer in advance, but occasionally we still come across someone who likes cash on delivery for things like bouncy castles or string quartets. If you are not likely to be at the venue at the right time, see if you can leave payment with your venue contact

Clearing up!

It is a dirty job, but someone must do it. Make sure you discuss in advance who is taking down the decorations, whether equipment can be stored overnight, and when this can then be collected.

Cake knife

In our experience, the most forgotten thing at a wedding is the cake knife! This is not something that your baker normally provides and is not always available at a venue. Chat this through with your venue and decide whether a normal chef knife will do, or whether they can hire in an ornate knife on your behalf.

Entrances and exits

Do your guests know where to head to, especially if it is a large site with multiple entrances? Is there an easier route in for you if you have lots to offload during set up? And most importantly, where is the most photogenic spot for you to arrive on the big day

Background music

As those first few guests are arriving, the atmosphere can be a little flat. If you have the budget, why not choose live acoustic music such as a harp or string quartet? Otherwise, a carefully selected playlist can get the party started from the off. If your venue has a sound system and laptop available, the simplest way is to put together a Spotify playlist in advance, and log onto your account earlier in the day and your venue contact can click play before you arrive.

Accessibility Requirements

Do any of your guests require additional support to attend? Does the venue have accessible parking spaces and level access? Are there accessible toilets within easy reach of your space? Get clued up on this a few weeks before and reassure those guests that might need to know.

Tech tips

Have you considered how technology can enhance your wedding? From a rolling slideshow of your photo memories on a TV screen, a DIY photo booth, to an upgrade on the speeches, technology can add experience for your guests. However, those tech gremlins do not deserve an invite. We recommend arranging a time beforehand to check everything works with the venue’s space and system, particularly if you are using Apple devices as they tend to not play nicely. It will save a stressful morning on event day

Dietary requirements

It isn’t easy to remember which distant Aunt is veggie and who does not get on with cheese, so it might be worth covering all possible requirements with your menu. With an estimated 5-10% of people suffering from some degree of gluten intolerance, your guests might love a GF gravy, or how about after dinner coffee with soya milk for your vegan or lactose-free guests?

Wedding Insurance

No one likes to think about the worst-case scenario, but will you be out of pocket if something major happens? Recent times have highlighted that things do not always go to plan. Peace of mind might be a great investment when spending so much on your dream wedding.

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