Tips for choosing your next event venue

Getting the venue right for your event can mean the difference between success and failure. There are a few important factors to consider when choosing a venue, whether it’s a large conference, small meeting, wedding reception or a gala dinner.

Here are my top tips to consider when choosing a venue for your next event:

1. Location
The venue location needs to be the first factor you look at when planning your event. It should have good transport links, parking and accommodation nearby. It’s also important to take into consideration who your guests are and where they will be coming from, and ensure that the location is somewhere that works for the majority.

2. Catering
The catering is what always sticks in the minds of your guests.  Whether it’s canapés, a sit-down meal or a drinks reception, ensure you have something available for all tastes.  Not everyone drinks alcohol so remember to provide non-alcoholic alternatives.  You can be creative with these.  Mocktails are a great way to make non-drinkers feel included.  Also remember to offer vegetarian alternatives to meat dishes, as well as catering for those with food allergies if required.

3. Size
The venue size and capacity must be just right, being too small will create overcrowding; whilst being too big will give a sense of emptiness and an under-attended, unsuccessful event. Most venues should have capacity numbers for all their rooms, aim to be just slightly under the capacity limit, but never over and never far under, and you should be alright.

4. Layout Options
Whether you are hosting a drinks reception, stand-up buffet, cabaret-style dinner or conference presentation, ensure the venue has experience and plans in place to cater for your desired style and seating arrangements. You can also ask the venue if they have a seating plan or a gallery of images from past events that have used your desired style, to ensure the format will match your expectations.

5. Date and Time

Sounds logical, but make sure you check your calendar for significant events around the time you are planning your event.  Make sure you check for similar events within your industry but also local (of your venue) events which may take away guests from your event. 

These are just a few of the important points to consider when choosing a venue. 

At Cheltenham Ladies' College, we have a range of venues to suit your needs and we are conveniently located near to Cheltenham town centre and also transport links.  Visit our website for more information -